April 15th, 2009

Oh Baby

They are so magical aren't they? God their skin is unlike anything else. And their hair is this delicious softness that you wish they could replicate for pillows. Or blankets. The way they fit so perfectly against your body. They're not long and dangly yet. Just perfectly sized. And they're smooshy with baby fat. Oh those cheeks. Oh those lips. Oh those lashes. Oh that nose. The quick and small breaths. The tenderness. And the fleetingness of it all. The startling fact that on the grand scale of life this stage is like a grain of rice. That warmth. That fierce love and protectiveness. The genuine and grand wishes of all the happiness in the world. The wonderment of it all. Where will you go? What will you do? What will you say? Who will you love along the way? The smell. That which each breath you inhale their softness. It's in the smell. I swear to you it is. I don't get to relish a sleeping baby much. It goes with the whole thing that as nice as it is, I think babies sleep better in cribs once they've gone to the appropriate no more night feeding stage. And my experience has been that they like it a lot and as much as they'd like to sleep on you they just don't do as hot. They squirm a lot trying to get comfy because this body of yours it's not THEIR bed. But every now and then, for just a few minutes, I get a really sleepy and snuggly baby in my arms and on my body. And I pay so much attention to the moment that it brings tears to my eyes. Every time. Swear.

My babies, my life. So simple.