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Holy Cow!


*insert sheepish grin here*

I won't really try to explain or anything. Let me just say that I'm in my new house. I love it. I have TIME and you have no idea how insanely wonderful TIME is. Delicious.

The real reason I'm here is because I feel like spewing on my new obsession and I intend on perusing LiveJournal as I have so many times before when a new interest takes hold. We've seen it all here-- scapbooking, ATC's, knitting, swapping, Flickr, Etsy, PostCrossing, etc. So what has me going these days? What could it be?

Getting rid of this post-third-baby body!!!!

You know, the worst part is that I am not doing too badly. At all. I actually look really good for having had my third baby SIX MONTHS ago. The other day, I even managed to march into work wearing a Banana Republic skirt in a size ZERO. HELLO!

But,  I have jiggles. Major jiggles. Major jiggly pouch issues. And thanks to my best friend I'm now sort of obsessed with my butt too. This all started about a week or two before Halloween. The whole thing with wearing a sexy costume just got me really fixated on my body. Not only that but my best guy friend and one of my best girlfriends have been completely fixated with exercising lately. So when the two people you talk with all day are constantly talking about their bodies or their exercise routine or their diet or everything, well I can't speak for you but personally I can't help but looking at myself--hard. So I bought some DVDs and yanked out my NYC Ballet DVD and I started working out and I started losing weight! Hooray! I was really into it! I jogged in the mornings or did my DVDs. I took the kids out for a walk. Then I started taking an even closer look at what I was eating and I found this FANTASTIC site: and I joined up. A couple of days later I got a e-mail from them to try a four week full body makeover. FUN! I had just started a four week ab program they had but this looked great! So I've been doing it as best as I can and I'm in the second week. Kinda. I prefer to think I'm in my first week.

Funny enough, my biggest challenge to doing this workout challenge consistently, has been TIME. Because while I now have time to play with my kids, have dinner with my husband, and relax on the computer, I find it hard to find time to work out. And it's because this program requires about 45 minutes to an hour. When I first started working out in general, my resolution to this problem was working out at five in the morning. But seriously. Waking up at five in the morning to work out in a winter morning SUCKS. And yes this is Miami and winter mornings rarely drop below 50 but it's still cold and gloomy and dark.

So I've been working out at night, usually 8:30, 9ish.  I try and get motivation from my friends. And from me. The other day I got insanely excited because when I raised my arms to put my hair into a ponytail, I saw these really pretty indentations on my shoulder that I'd never seen before. WOW! But then I glanced down and that STUPID JIGGLY POUCH was there. Mocking me. So I punished myself yesterday with a long bike ride with Daughter on the back in the morning and my four week workout in the evening. Today, I forced myself to sweat gallons with the help of The Bollywood Dance Workout.

I'm kind of proud of myself. Clearly I have lost a lot of weight (although my Wii Fit says I gained THREE pounds in less than TWO WEEKS). But most of the time, I find myself FRUSTRATED that I'm out of shape and jiggly as Jello.

So I'm here. Putting it out there. Motivation motivation motivation.
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